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4-Step Great Value Gold

  1. Preparation 3M Decontamination Wash + rust-stain acid wash
  2. Restoration 3M Imperial Cutting Compound
  3. Perfection 3M Perfect-It Polish
  4. Protection Last-Step, multi-season Collinite marine/aeronautical grade Fleetwax

Our 4-Step Great Value Gold will remove medium-to-heavy oxidation and impurities, restore the natural mineral oils of your gelcoat, and finally seal it with the best wax on the water for a deep glossy shine that lasts. An excellent choice to increase the value of your boat when you’re looking to sell, or to significantly extend the lifespan of your vessel for the discerning owner.

“He who combines the 3 tenets of Quality, Value, and Time will succeed at any endeavour”

~A very good businessman

Topside (rubrail up) packages aditionally include:

  • Window Clean & Wax (anti-static, glare, fog treatment)
  • Metal Trim Polish & Protect (rust removal & chrome wax)

Optional add-ons:

  • Anti-stain & anti-slip deck wax
  • Vinyl & leather restoration
  • Hand rail Polish & Protect

*from $24/linear foot