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7-Step Platinum Polish

  1. Preparation 3M Decontamination Wash + rust-stain acid wash
  2. Resurrection Wet sanding of any scratches or gouges
  3. Restoration 3M Rubbing Compound
  4. Re-Restoration 3M Perfect-It Compound
  5. Perfection 3M Perfect-It Polish
  6. Superfection 3M Ultra-Fine Mirror Polish
  7. Protection Two coats of last-Step, multi-season Collinite marine/aeronautical grade Fleetwax

As the premium professional product we have built our name on, our proprietary 7-Step Platinum Polish shows off why owner/operator Sjors is the industry’s go-to guy when a gelcoat restoration job needs perfection. It provides an unparalleled mirror finish no matter the state or color of your gelcoat, using only the industry’s best, tested marine and aeronautical grade polishing product. For those who demand nothing but the best.

“I had given up. Like magic, he brought it back before my eyes…”

~Thom Paulsson

Topside (rubrail up) packages aditionally include:

  • Window Clean & Wax (anti-static, glare, fog treatment)
  • Metal Polish & Protect (rust removal & chrome wax)
  • Hand rail Polish & Protect
  • Canvas Cleaning

Optional add-ons:

  • Vinyl & leather restoration
  • Anti-stain & anti-slip deck wax

*from $30/linear foot