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Quick winterization ‘hacks’

The 1 – 2 – 3 of avoiding expensive engine repairs

BOATER PSA: is your boat still winterized??? 🥶

With the ❄️Arctic outflow cold snap❄️ upon us, some of us boaters who have already de-winterized their boats in anticipation of the season will be scrambling to protect their expensive investments.
Let us highlight 3 quick & easy ways to keep your engine and fuel lines safe from harm if you weren’t expecting this late February deluge:

1 – Wrap it up. Wrapping your engine up can make all the difference when there’s a few days of frost on the horizon. A couple old blankets combined with a waterproof tarp will insulate your engine plenty for up to a few days. Make sure you don’t neglect your fuel lines, or decouple and drain them!

2 – Going camping. Whether you have access to a full carport like in the picture, or simply have enough tarps laying around, building a tent around your boat will keep the worst of the weather away. Snow makes a great insulating layer, which can actually help keep the frost off! This is what a lot of dry-land storage facilities will do for boats overwintering on the hard.

3 – Cozy in the garage. The best option, as always, is to get your boat fully under cover and insulated away from the weather. Whether or not your garage is heated, Southern B.C. winters rarely get cold enough to drive garage temperatures down to dangerous levels. Even if you normally keep your other vehicles covered instead, most cars will be better able to weather the weather than a non-winterized boat.

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